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Interview With Joe Budden Producer WMS Sultan! September 21, 2008

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JULES: Hey, thanks for doing this!  Where are you from?

WMS SULTAN: I was born and raised in Boston, MA 617 boston stand up!

JULES: How long have you been making beats?

WMS SULTAN: About 6 years now, the last 2 1/2 years I have really become serious with it. At first it was more a hobby, now I am going in on all aspects. The promotion (internet and the streets), the business end and of course the art form and continuing to excell and expand my sound and be creative.

JULES: You’re a beatmaker foremost, but do you dabble in any other musical fields?

WMS SULTAN: Yeah, I write alot.  Mainly hooks, and bridges for singers, that can vary for pop songs, r&b stuff. I am always experimenting with the beats working on other genres of music and combining other genres with rap and r&b beats.

JULES: Have you made beatmaking your occupational career?

WMS SULTAN: Yes sir!

JULES: What equipment do you use?

WMS SULTAN: Motif rack mainly, alesis monitor, axiom keyboard, turntable, and some other secret weapons.

JULES: What are you influences when making beats?

WMS SULTAN: Life, I mean everything that goes on from that day, that week, month etc. Whether its conciously or subconciously life effects and inspires or uninspires making music. Everything inspires me from movies, not even always the music in them, but I might see a certain see in film and it will trigger a certain idea for a melody or direction to go for the next track I compose. I wake up everyday with ideas in my head for music, too many ideas actually there really isn’t enough time in the day. Another inspiration/influnce is those that laid it down before me in all genre. i.e. rza, premier, dr dre, alot of the motown group and the soulfull music that was coming out of that era. My dig game is serious so I am always picking up new records that influence what I do.

JULES: What are the samples you’ve used in the Joe Budden productions we’ve heard so far?

WMS SULTAN: Umm, I used the zelda sample for one of the records and then the rest were just off old soul joints. Don’t wanna put them out there heavy like that cause nothing is cleared. Now that my mixtape is finished, dudes are in trouble though, I am about to be back on my hard body record diggin, 50-100 records per week.

JULES: Which rappers would you like to lace with your beats?

WMS SULTAN: Nas, Jay-z, Joell ortiz, Raekwon, T.I. among others. I would like to work with Beyonce, Ciara, Keisha Cole, Mya, Danity Kane on the r&b side.

JULES: Are you working on any upcoming projects we should know about?

WMS SULTAN: I have “THE SULTAN MIXTAPE VOL 1” dropping in October is the 1st in a 3 part series. Artist featured on it include, joe budden, skyzoo, sha stimuli, grafh, edo g, akrobatik, lady luck, static & messiah, Q and others. Next single for it is called “EASTCOAST MUSIC PART 2” which features, skyzoo, grafh, lady luck, static, Sha stimuli and Q as well as a lot of up and coming talent out of Boston. Look for it mid October.

JULES: Are you signed to a label?

WMS SULTAN: Right Now I work with Iceman 2000 a boston based label also illite ent and brainstorm ent, along with my production company WMS PRODUCTIONS on several joint ventures in music and other business.

JULES: That’s all I have for you, any last words for the readers?

WMS SULTAN: Make sure you check out the website www.wmsbeats.com to stay updated on new cds, singles, and beats. You can hit me up via the site to buy beats or other business, cds etc. Thanks again for the interview and thanks to all the fans for the support if you want to hear good music and know more about talent in the Boston hip hop scence pick up that Sultan Mixtape Vol 1 in October. Next up after me is an artist I am working with by the name of “Q” he got a mixtape dropping called “BODY LANGUAGE” one of the most talented artist I have worked with indie or major def check for him in a second and he is alll over my mixtape too. His page is www.myspace.com/qbrainstorm