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Interview With Joe Budden Producer WMS Sultan! September 21, 2008

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JULES: Hey, thanks for doing this!  Where are you from?

WMS SULTAN: I was born and raised in Boston, MA 617 boston stand up!

JULES: How long have you been making beats?

WMS SULTAN: About 6 years now, the last 2 1/2 years I have really become serious with it. At first it was more a hobby, now I am going in on all aspects. The promotion (internet and the streets), the business end and of course the art form and continuing to excell and expand my sound and be creative.

JULES: You’re a beatmaker foremost, but do you dabble in any other musical fields?

WMS SULTAN: Yeah, I write alot.  Mainly hooks, and bridges for singers, that can vary for pop songs, r&b stuff. I am always experimenting with the beats working on other genres of music and combining other genres with rap and r&b beats.

JULES: Have you made beatmaking your occupational career?

WMS SULTAN: Yes sir!

JULES: What equipment do you use?

WMS SULTAN: Motif rack mainly, alesis monitor, axiom keyboard, turntable, and some other secret weapons.

JULES: What are you influences when making beats?

WMS SULTAN: Life, I mean everything that goes on from that day, that week, month etc. Whether its conciously or subconciously life effects and inspires or uninspires making music. Everything inspires me from movies, not even always the music in them, but I might see a certain see in film and it will trigger a certain idea for a melody or direction to go for the next track I compose. I wake up everyday with ideas in my head for music, too many ideas actually there really isn’t enough time in the day. Another inspiration/influnce is those that laid it down before me in all genre. i.e. rza, premier, dr dre, alot of the motown group and the soulfull music that was coming out of that era. My dig game is serious so I am always picking up new records that influence what I do.

JULES: What are the samples you’ve used in the Joe Budden productions we’ve heard so far?

WMS SULTAN: Umm, I used the zelda sample for one of the records and then the rest were just off old soul joints. Don’t wanna put them out there heavy like that cause nothing is cleared. Now that my mixtape is finished, dudes are in trouble though, I am about to be back on my hard body record diggin, 50-100 records per week.

JULES: Which rappers would you like to lace with your beats?

WMS SULTAN: Nas, Jay-z, Joell ortiz, Raekwon, T.I. among others. I would like to work with Beyonce, Ciara, Keisha Cole, Mya, Danity Kane on the r&b side.

JULES: Are you working on any upcoming projects we should know about?

WMS SULTAN: I have “THE SULTAN MIXTAPE VOL 1” dropping in October is the 1st in a 3 part series. Artist featured on it include, joe budden, skyzoo, sha stimuli, grafh, edo g, akrobatik, lady luck, static & messiah, Q and others. Next single for it is called “EASTCOAST MUSIC PART 2” which features, skyzoo, grafh, lady luck, static, Sha stimuli and Q as well as a lot of up and coming talent out of Boston. Look for it mid October.

JULES: Are you signed to a label?

WMS SULTAN: Right Now I work with Iceman 2000 a boston based label also illite ent and brainstorm ent, along with my production company WMS PRODUCTIONS on several joint ventures in music and other business.

JULES: That’s all I have for you, any last words for the readers?

WMS SULTAN: Make sure you check out the website www.wmsbeats.com to stay updated on new cds, singles, and beats. You can hit me up via the site to buy beats or other business, cds etc. Thanks again for the interview and thanks to all the fans for the support if you want to hear good music and know more about talent in the Boston hip hop scence pick up that Sultan Mixtape Vol 1 in October. Next up after me is an artist I am working with by the name of “Q” he got a mixtape dropping called “BODY LANGUAGE” one of the most talented artist I have worked with indie or major def check for him in a second and he is alll over my mixtape too. His page is www.myspace.com/qbrainstorm



Issue 4: Q&A with Joe Budden producer Blastah Beatz September 14, 2008

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JULES: Hey, thanks for doing this!

BLASTAH: No prob, my pleasure.

JULES: Where are you from?

BLASTAH: I’m from Portugal, Europe.
JULES: How long have you been making beats?

BLASTAH: For about 2 years. I started longer than that but I’ve only been serious for 2 years I’d say.
JULES: You’re a beatmaker foremost, but do you dabble in any other musical fields?

BLASTAH: I’m a huge metal, reggae and electronica fan as well, so I try to incorporate a little bit of everything in my tracks.

JULES: Have you made beatmaking your occupational career?

BLASTAH: I don’t live off of making music if that’s what you’re asking, I’m a college student pursuing a career in Translation and I also work on weekends. I’d love to live off of music sometime in the future though.
JULES: What equipment do you use?

BLASTAH: Just software. FruityLoops3, Cool Edit 2 and Reason 3; that’s it!
JULES: What are you influences when making beats?

BLASTAH: As far as Hip Hop, the 90’s is where I’m at. Producers like The RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and DJ Muggs influence the way I produce. Also other styles of music, like the ones I mentioned before. Pretty much nothing that comes out nowadays moves me though.

JULES: What are the samples you’ve used in the Joe Budden productions we’ve heard so far?

BLASTAH: I used “Inner City Blues” by Marvin Gaye for the “Who” track, and “Innocent Hearts” by John Farnham for the “No More” joint.

JULES: Which rappers would you like to lace with your beats?

BLASTAH: KRS-One and Sean Price, definitely. Also MF Doom, anyone from the Wu, and Busta Rhymes (third time’s a charm), just to name a few.

JULES: Are you working on any upcoming projects we should know about?

BLASTAH: Besides “Padded Room”, I’m working on a mixtape with J-Hood, I’m producing for a bunch of independent artists, and I’m starting my producer album, as well as an instrumental project.
JULES: Are you signed to a label?

BLASTAH: Currently, I’m not signed to any label.

JULES: That’s all I have for you, any last words for the readers?

BLASTAH: Thanks for the interest, and be sure to check me out on MySpace

Issue 3: Checking in with Roscoe, & Tom Gist! September 9, 2008

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Y.A. member Roscoe, & Dipset member Tom Gist check in for a couple of quickies.


JULES: Are you from Philly, or L.A.? I’ve heard both.

ROSCOE: I’m from both!
JULES: Your last album ‘I Luv Cali’ got a great reception.  How did you and Fingazz hook up for that one?
ROSCOE: That’s been my nigga, since I was 15 years old.
JULES: Do you think having a single producer for the an entire album adds a more complete feel to the sound?
ROSCOE: That depends, but for us it did!
JULES: You are now working on releasing 2 projects on the same day. One with your brother Kurupt ‘Frank & Jess’, and one as a solo ‘Stray Dog Off The Leash, Off The Chain’.  Is an album featuring both you and your brother something you guys have always wanted to do?
ROSCOE: Definitely!
JULES: What can we expect to hear on that?
ROSCOE: West coast, emcee, gangsta shit!
JULES: How about your solo, what type of sound will we get with that one?
ROSCOE: Futuristic ‘Scoe.  Jay Wells would say digital ‘Scoe.  I’m always changing and growing.  Don’t ever expect to hear the same type of material over and over, when you’re bumping ‘Scoe.

JULES: Tell me about ‘Rose Of Sharon Entertainment’, what is that?
ROSCOE: R.O.S.E. is my label, named after my momma.

JULES: Will we ever see an official Young Assassins album?

ROSCOE: The album is scheduled for 2009, but every album we drop is
a Y.A. album.  We’re all eating, so..

JULES: Which artists do you want to work with in the future?

ROSCOE: I wanna work with Andre 3000, Kanye, Common, a lot of

JULES: Which producers do you think are hot right now?

ROSCOE: I like David Banner, and Soulja Boy.  Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with cuz on the beats right now.
JULES: That’s all I  have for you, any last words?

ROSCOE: Vote for Obama!

Roscoe @ MySpace


JULES: Most people will be familiar with you from Cam’rons mixtape ‘Public Enemy #1.  How did that situation come about?

TOM: Cam heard about me, heard me, called me, and we made crack!  Lol.

JULES: Do you associate with any other Diplomats members?

TOM: I’m associated with all of the Diplomats members.  It’s more than music, seriously!
JULES: You are from Harlem, a mecca for good lyrics and great flow.  How would you describe your style to someone who has never heard you?

TOM: Honestly, lyrical!

JULES: You played basketball in high school.  Do you still play? Do you think you could beat Cam’ron?  Lol.

TOM: I play here and there, and hell yeah!  Lol.

JULES: You started out battle rapping under the name ‘Arrogance’.  Why did you decide to continue your career under your legal name?

TOM: It’s more marketable and attractive to the ear, I think.  Alot of people are arrogant, but that’s not their name!
JULES: Tell me about EarlyLite Ent., your label. What goals do you have for it?

TOM: EarlyLite Ent. is a company started by my partner Robert Earl, and I.  It’s a childhood dream we shared.  Out goal is to sell millions, and put people in positions to do that same thing.
JULES: You just released a mixtape called ‘The 2 Dolla Tape’.  Why did you choose that name? Did you use other peoples’ beats, or original production?

TOM: It was a “best product for cheapest price” kind of thing.  It has original beats and other people’s beats.  It’s kind of a classic, if you ask me!

JULES: Which rappers would you like to collaborate with on a song?

TOM: Eminem and Kanye.
JULES: Which producers would you like to be laced by?

TOM: Kanye, Premier, and the Neptunes.
JULES: Can we expect an official album soon?

TOM: As soon as a cheque is cut, an official album will drop!
JULES: Alright, we’ll be waiting, any last words?

TOM: Shoutout to Robert Earl, Manhattanville projects, and Harlem.  All day!

Tom Gist @ MySpace

Issue 2: former Aftermath artist GAGE! September 8, 2008

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JULES:  What’s up Gage, thanks for your time.  You are from Phillidelphia.  Tell me, what was it like growing up there?

GAGE:  It was cool, fun!  You gotta love the city life, it’s embeded in me for life.  That’s why even though I live in ATL now, i live down town because i gotta be near the city!  Shit, Magic City is at my corner, haha.  Philips area, where the Hawks play, is across the street from my crib!

JULES:  How did you get into rapping?

GAGE:  My sister Azerene was rapping when I was younger, and I looked up to her, I knew all her verses.  ‘Slam’ came out by Onyx..  I remember I was in 5th grade at the lunch table, and my homie at the time said “Check this new group onyx out!”.  When I heard ‘Slam’, I knew this is exactly what i wanted to do!

JULESWho influenced your musical style?

GAGETupac, Eazy E, Biggie, Big L, Jay Z, DMX, Slim Shady, EPMD, NWA, Cam’ron (before the Rocafella signing), Mase, Onyx, Eve, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, LL Cool J (before all the lip lickin’ shit), and many others!

JULES:  You had a short tenure with Aftermath Music.  How did that come about?

GAGE:  My manager and I just worked for about three years straight, until we had over 1,000 songs.  Dre got a hold of 6 songs.  He called me the next day, booked my first class flight!  I had my presidential suite in the beverly hills hotel ‘Mondrian’, same hotel Pimp C died in.  I met Dre the next day.  I didn’t have to record or rap for him, he was already sold.  He said “What could you bring to this label?”.  I dropped a duffle bag at his feet filled with 32 rap books, a poetry book, and a movie script i was working on.  I said “That’s what I can bring to Aftermath!”.  After that, Dre said “You are the shit, Gage!”, and then he said “Welcome to the family!”.

JULES:  What led to your departure?

GAGE:  They aren’t worried about any artists over there..  They are worried about one thing, “DETOX”.  I could tell things were going sour..  I’m not going to sit around waiting, would you?  That’s like having a bad bitch, but she isn’t letting you fuck..  Everybody dissing you like “Yo, why would you leave that bad bitch?  she is bad!”.  I can easily go find another bitch that will let me fuck!  If that makes any sense to y’all!  Haha.  I got fans out there all over the world, and they wanna hear Gage!  There were so many rules over there, I couldn’t be heard!  You see, I’m gone..  Eve, Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz, Tiffany Villareal, Dion, Stat Quo..  They are all gone, need I say more?!

JULES:  You released a song called ‘It’s So Easy’, where you parodied
many Hip-Hop artists.  Do you think all of the rappers you impersonated in that song don’t have enough talent to be where they are?

GAGE:  Haha, naw!  I definitely don’t think they are wack, or they don’t have enough talent.  I’m just tired of people coming up to me saying how these rappers I impersonated, are the greatest, and they can’t be copied.  The point of that song was to point out people that have simple flows, to re-create..  It’s not a diss song.  Alot of people I impersonated I respect, but I admit I did take a few cheap shots at a few of them.  When you listen to it ask yourself, “Is Gage really lying about what he’s saying?”, I thought not!

JULES:  You did a song called ‘Man I’ve Become’, produced by The Runners.  A well-placed ‘Styx’ sample and some relative life-bars made a pretty good song!  It wasn’t released in full though, it faded out in the beginning of the third verse..  Is that an unfinished song, or are you saving it for something else?

GAGE:  I mean, I like to tease people..  That is a full song, but i like leaving people with that “To be continued” face.  That’s why I faded that out.  I am my own engineer.  I can’t mix that good, but I always record myself!

JULES:  You have a single called ‘Uh Oh’ coming out soon with DMX.  What project is this song going to be featured on?

GAGE:  Well before DMX was arrested in Miami a few weeks ago, he was here in ATL staying with us.  One night X went across the street to the new bar across from my crib called ‘255’..  They gave him a free bottle of Remi and I had some haze, so we got drunk and high.  I had the pitbulls running around, the mood was set!  The beats came on, so we went in and recorded a banger!  We just got it mixed so we about to hit radio hard with that.  It’s not for any particular CD, it’s mainly just a buzz record to get my name back in rotation!

JULES:  When can we expect your debut album?

GAGE:  You can expect my album on the day that real music comes back to life.  Until then, I will never get the respect from these maggot labels that i deserve!  Fuck a record deal, I don’t mind a grind.  I’ll do this shit myself, bitches!  Haha!

JULES:  Great! Any last words for the readers?

GAGE:  I got a few projects coming real soon!
(1) ‘Big Money, Big Mouth’ the mixtape, feat. Good Charlotte, Jamie Foxx, 50 Cent, and others.
(2) ‘I Am Greatness’, the street album.  Whole CD produced by this new kid coming out of boston named C-Lance.  Look him up, he’s the shit!
(3) ‘Last Men Standing’ the mixtape, which is a duo mixtape between I and another artist/producer.
(4) ‘New Jack Hustler’ The duo mixtape/album from Gage (G-Money), and fellow Hard Hood Management artist Gambino (Bino Brown).  Whole CD produced by C-Lance.
(5) I am now recording ‘Crack, Murder, and Missed Meals 2’, the highly anticipated follow up to the Whoo Kid classic.  Knowing me, it will probally be produced by C-Lance!

All of the following CD’s will drop at the same time, coming soon!  Thanks to all of my fans that support me, with or without tha Aftermath!  Without you, there is no me!  One Love.

Check GAGE @ MySpace

Listen to GAGE – Man I’ve Become

Listen to GAGE – It’s So Easy

That wraps it up!  Next time: Roscoe & Dipset member Tom Gist!


Issue 1: Tha Advocate! September 5, 2008

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Since this is the first interview that will be launched on this website, let me start with a personal introduction to this artist.  It was 2 years ago and I was working with another Hip-Hop site that was also just starting out. Alot of artists were featured, ones I liked and disliked. I always thought I would get a chance to be introduced to some great new artists. However, I never thought I would actually log off of the site anticipating going to a Myspace page or website to listen to hear more songs from the musician. (I would later buy the mixtape and the album). Throughout my run at HoodStars, that only happened twice. I’m sorry Jean, but it is in my blood to go with the rapper over the singer.

Tha Advocate was born and raised in New Jersey, but spent his short but meaningful teenage years in Newburgh, New York, later moving back to New Jersey.  He falls under the most common back story for how rappers choose their career. A love for the music, and the inspiration to become involved has chose this man’s path.

JULES:  Hey Advocate, thanks for doing this again. Let’s start with your upbringing.  What kind of music did you grow up around?

THA ADVOCATE:  I listened to everything from HipHop, to R n b, to Rock, and others.  I still do listen to other genres also.

JULES:  Which artists did you model yourself after when you first began rapping?

ADVOCATE:  No one, really.  I always felt I had my own identity and originality.  I will say my main musical inspiration was 2pac.  That’s probably why I still make alot of real pain music.

JULES:  Throughout your first mixtape ‘Point A’, and your underground album ‘Against The Wall’, I noticed
you had a habit of keeping your lyrics intact.  Do you feel a Hip-Hop song should start with lyrics, above
anything else?

ADVOCATE:  In my opinion if you are going to put your stamp on it, it should be 100 percent all of the time. From lyrics to production.  Now, me personally I can say that I always go in lyrically.  In the same sense you can say something very deep without using wordplay like Big Pun.  For example, if I am doing a club joint or something for the ladies: I make sure my lyrics are on point, but I make it understandable to the general public also.

JULES:  You also released your third mixtape ‘Point of No Return’ (Hosted by Remy Ma and DJ Bedtyme) last year. It stuck to the theme of original beats,which you produced some yourself.  It’s obviously an asset to have both instrumental and vocal abilities.  If you had to choose between the production side or emceeing, which would you choose?

ADVOCATE:  Probobally emceeing.  ‘Cause when I make my own music I make I know exactly how I like it and want it.  When I am producing someone else sometimes they may have a different vision and it takes a while to break ground.

JULES:  You have recently linked up with Jeff Burna to form Ruff Houze Productions.  Can you tell us a bit about how that situation came to be?

ADVOCATE:  Yea..  Jeff is my dude.  I met him at the studio I record at. He is an engineer and plays guitar. We started out producing some of my songs together and the outcome was great. Right now we have produced a few joints like “THE N.E.W. PT1 AND THE N.E.W. PT2” featuring several artists from all over the globe.  We are producing an r n b record for J.D. Artist and an underground hiphop album for Sketch Architec among others.  We are still making beats and putting together a nice beat reel for artists to choose from.  Once that’s complete we are gonna grind like crazy.

JULES:  And if that wasn’t enough to keep you busy, you have also been helping other rappers get exposure through your Mic Check Mixtape series with fellow rapper Underground. I heard you just started a new one with BallerStatus.  What is that series called, and how many volumes can we expect?

ADVOCATE:  Ok the one with Mic Check I got involved in in 06 with Underground.  I had Sly Boogy, Domination, Stat Quo, and Killah Priest host our mixtapes.  The outcome crazy and the reviews were almost perfect.  After the success of that I linked a deal for us to do a joint mixtape with Ballerstatus.com (Mic Check 9.5).  The downloads on that were around 40 thousand.  With the success of the joint venture I chopped it up with Jay from Ballerstatus.com and we created the “Digital Dynasty Mixtape Series”.  Our first volume had G Unit’s HOT ROD host and the numbers were unexpected.  Close to 60 thousand downloads on that. So we are starting to take slots for our next few volumes as we speak.  The hosting will be announced shortly.  Any artists interested in purchasing a slot for some crazy exposure get at me. (E-Mail)  Also, all these mixtapes are free downloads now too. So fans can download the mic check mixtapes on the main page at ThaAdvocate.Com and they can get the Hot Rod one (Here).

JULES:  Aside from you beats sounding very clean and balanced, your vocal style is very sharp too.
You remind me of an Eminem flow, with a Joe Budden subject content.  Should you and Joe link up for a Jersey meltdown? How about Redman, Serius Jones, or the Outlawz?

ADVOCATE:  I’d love to. We were supposed to do a project with Serius Jones a year ago and things fell through.  I guess he had better things to do (LAUGHS).  As for Buddens..  Who know’s what the future holds. I am putting together a crazy joint with Jersey’s Big Lou as we speak.

JULES:  I was youtubing you awhile ago, I noticed you have done some interviews with fellow rappers.  How important is it to remain a fan, when it is your job to be an artist?

ADVOCATE:  It’s very important. There is nothing wrong with showing admiration for a fellow artist’s craft.  I do have to say that, doing interviews with alot of those artists I wasn’t a huge fan of.  It was something to do, and I do dabble with journalism on the side. If you go to RapCapital I did every single interview on there.

JULES:  On your website, you posted about Nas’ latest album. It has been out for almost 2 months now.  Do you feel that album made the impact it should have on the fans?

ADVOCATE:  Nope.  It was like preaching to the choir.  Nas fans bought that album.  The newer generation isn’t that interested in real life changing substance music.  That album is one of the best he ever put together.  It was inspirational and moving.  Nas tackled subjects that most artists would consider “career suicide”. He did it for the love of HipHop not the love of money.  That is why he is one of the greatest of all time and cut from the cloth of 2pac and Big.  It was sad you barely heard his records on New York radio or on video countdowns. If this is what mainstream hiphop is now then consider me an outsider.

JULES:  Speaking of impact, I heard you have an album in the works.  Tell me the juicy details please?

ADVOCATE:  Yea I actually have a mixtape first to warm yall up.  Its called “Barmaggedon” .  It is going to be something incredible. And as for the album I have been working on it for 3 years. I am making sure every detail on this project is perfect.  This album is called “Designed To Be Signed”.  If that record doesn’t catapult me to where I need to be then nothing will.  I am urging people to download my last mixtape free (Click here) and add me on MySpace.

JULES:  Alright well there you have it. Any last words before we end this thing?

ADVOCATE:  I just wanted to say it was good chopping it up with you again.  Letting you and everyone else know I am still going hard and making substance music.  My backs still “Against the wall” and we went from “Point a” to the “point of no return”.  Now its time for “Barmaggedon”!

I hope you enjoyed the first installment!  Next issue: Gage!