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Issue 4: Q&A with Joe Budden producer Blastah Beatz September 14, 2008

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JULES: Hey, thanks for doing this!

BLASTAH: No prob, my pleasure.

JULES: Where are you from?

BLASTAH: I’m from Portugal, Europe.
JULES: How long have you been making beats?

BLASTAH: For about 2 years. I started longer than that but I’ve only been serious for 2 years I’d say.
JULES: You’re a beatmaker foremost, but do you dabble in any other musical fields?

BLASTAH: I’m a huge metal, reggae and electronica fan as well, so I try to incorporate a little bit of everything in my tracks.

JULES: Have you made beatmaking your occupational career?

BLASTAH: I don’t live off of making music if that’s what you’re asking, I’m a college student pursuing a career in Translation and I also work on weekends. I’d love to live off of music sometime in the future though.
JULES: What equipment do you use?

BLASTAH: Just software. FruityLoops3, Cool Edit 2 and Reason 3; that’s it!
JULES: What are you influences when making beats?

BLASTAH: As far as Hip Hop, the 90’s is where I’m at. Producers like The RZA, DJ Premier, Pete Rock and DJ Muggs influence the way I produce. Also other styles of music, like the ones I mentioned before. Pretty much nothing that comes out nowadays moves me though.

JULES: What are the samples you’ve used in the Joe Budden productions we’ve heard so far?

BLASTAH: I used “Inner City Blues” by Marvin Gaye for the “Who” track, and “Innocent Hearts” by John Farnham for the “No More” joint.

JULES: Which rappers would you like to lace with your beats?

BLASTAH: KRS-One and Sean Price, definitely. Also MF Doom, anyone from the Wu, and Busta Rhymes (third time’s a charm), just to name a few.

JULES: Are you working on any upcoming projects we should know about?

BLASTAH: Besides “Padded Room”, I’m working on a mixtape with J-Hood, I’m producing for a bunch of independent artists, and I’m starting my producer album, as well as an instrumental project.
JULES: Are you signed to a label?

BLASTAH: Currently, I’m not signed to any label.

JULES: That’s all I have for you, any last words for the readers?

BLASTAH: Thanks for the interest, and be sure to check me out on MySpace



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