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Issue 3: Checking in with Roscoe, & Tom Gist! September 9, 2008

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Y.A. member Roscoe, & Dipset member Tom Gist check in for a couple of quickies.


JULES: Are you from Philly, or L.A.? I’ve heard both.

ROSCOE: I’m from both!
JULES: Your last album ‘I Luv Cali’ got a great reception.  How did you and Fingazz hook up for that one?
ROSCOE: That’s been my nigga, since I was 15 years old.
JULES: Do you think having a single producer for the an entire album adds a more complete feel to the sound?
ROSCOE: That depends, but for us it did!
JULES: You are now working on releasing 2 projects on the same day. One with your brother Kurupt ‘Frank & Jess’, and one as a solo ‘Stray Dog Off The Leash, Off The Chain’.  Is an album featuring both you and your brother something you guys have always wanted to do?
ROSCOE: Definitely!
JULES: What can we expect to hear on that?
ROSCOE: West coast, emcee, gangsta shit!
JULES: How about your solo, what type of sound will we get with that one?
ROSCOE: Futuristic ‘Scoe.  Jay Wells would say digital ‘Scoe.  I’m always changing and growing.  Don’t ever expect to hear the same type of material over and over, when you’re bumping ‘Scoe.

JULES: Tell me about ‘Rose Of Sharon Entertainment’, what is that?
ROSCOE: R.O.S.E. is my label, named after my momma.

JULES: Will we ever see an official Young Assassins album?

ROSCOE: The album is scheduled for 2009, but every album we drop is
a Y.A. album.  We’re all eating, so..

JULES: Which artists do you want to work with in the future?

ROSCOE: I wanna work with Andre 3000, Kanye, Common, a lot of

JULES: Which producers do you think are hot right now?

ROSCOE: I like David Banner, and Soulja Boy.  Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with cuz on the beats right now.
JULES: That’s all I  have for you, any last words?

ROSCOE: Vote for Obama!

Roscoe @ MySpace


JULES: Most people will be familiar with you from Cam’rons mixtape ‘Public Enemy #1.  How did that situation come about?

TOM: Cam heard about me, heard me, called me, and we made crack!  Lol.

JULES: Do you associate with any other Diplomats members?

TOM: I’m associated with all of the Diplomats members.  It’s more than music, seriously!
JULES: You are from Harlem, a mecca for good lyrics and great flow.  How would you describe your style to someone who has never heard you?

TOM: Honestly, lyrical!

JULES: You played basketball in high school.  Do you still play? Do you think you could beat Cam’ron?  Lol.

TOM: I play here and there, and hell yeah!  Lol.

JULES: You started out battle rapping under the name ‘Arrogance’.  Why did you decide to continue your career under your legal name?

TOM: It’s more marketable and attractive to the ear, I think.  Alot of people are arrogant, but that’s not their name!
JULES: Tell me about EarlyLite Ent., your label. What goals do you have for it?

TOM: EarlyLite Ent. is a company started by my partner Robert Earl, and I.  It’s a childhood dream we shared.  Out goal is to sell millions, and put people in positions to do that same thing.
JULES: You just released a mixtape called ‘The 2 Dolla Tape’.  Why did you choose that name? Did you use other peoples’ beats, or original production?

TOM: It was a “best product for cheapest price” kind of thing.  It has original beats and other people’s beats.  It’s kind of a classic, if you ask me!

JULES: Which rappers would you like to collaborate with on a song?

TOM: Eminem and Kanye.
JULES: Which producers would you like to be laced by?

TOM: Kanye, Premier, and the Neptunes.
JULES: Can we expect an official album soon?

TOM: As soon as a cheque is cut, an official album will drop!
JULES: Alright, we’ll be waiting, any last words?

TOM: Shoutout to Robert Earl, Manhattanville projects, and Harlem.  All day!

Tom Gist @ MySpace



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